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Voices of the blockchain industry

That's what the blockchain industry says about BitBrain Academy & our faculty.

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Embisa M'Peti

Partner Country Lead Marketing, Business Development & Strategy at RSM Switzerland AG

Who attended the Blockchain specialist led by Gokhan, who was supported by Cihan and Bora. The hyper interactive course provides in-depth insights into the essentials of DLT and its dynamic eco-systems. The toolbox is truly remarkable and helpful in understanding the mechanics of various use cases.

In short: powerful, inspiring and insightful. "


Damian Broger

Cybercrime Investigator, Cantonal Police St.Gallen

"Teaching at Gökhan and Cihan was very practical, always adapted to current topics and always took place in a very pleasant way. I would visit a course with the two coaches at any time. "


Daniel Haudenschild

President of Crypto Valley Association

BitBrain Academy is bringing blockchain education to such a wide audience. "


Matthias Weissl

CEO & Co-Founder at Verum Capital AG

"Gokhan has the ability to cover all granularity levels of the blockchain and can demonstrate a very complex matter in an understandable fashion. This level of detail is essential to educate the broad masses of the complexities of the technology. "


Burak Yetiskin

Advisory Board Member, Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR)

"BitBrain Academy addresses a key pain point for blockchain enthusiasts today - establishing a thorough understanding of DLT applications for industry-specific use cases."


Francesco Miotti

Founder Investapedia AG, President of the Foundation Brunesco.org

"Thanks to the well-founded and intensive support of all blockchain relevant issues of my company, our customers in particular were able to achieve significant benefits"


Pascal Schwitter

FX Execution, Zürcher Kantonalbank

"Exciting and practical examples have shaped the teaching of Gökhan and Cihan. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, every topic of the blockchain could be explained comprehensibly.
With very interesting examples from her work experience, the course became even more interesting and I was looking forward to new interesting hours every Saturday. Your friendly and relaxed
Art exuded a family atmosphere and never boredom "

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